The Simple and Easy Chocolate Truffle Recipe for Small cafe

Speaking of popular souvenirs for our close friends, significant other, relatives or respectable seniors – chocolate is probably the one that stands out in every occasion such as New Year’s celebration, Valentines or even a vacation in overseas. Therefore, this article would love to simply talk about chocolate truffle Recipe for you to get to know more.

There are several types and shapes of the chocolate truffle to choose. This is including the chocolate truffle stuffed with different kinds of flavors, which is including alcohol. Another one is the one covered with chocolate such as fruits covered chocolate or the one with a big chocolate mold that has a hollow form. Basically there are many kinds of choices for us to go for. Nevertheless, I am sure everyone is curious now on how we can make some profits out of the chocolate truffle.

It is true that chocolate is quite expensive due to its complex process to go through each stage to finally creating a beautiful package for us to see. It is not an easy process. There will be things to consider and do such as filling on things stuffed in the chocolate or finding attractive good mold in order to make it look premium. With this process, a lot of people may find making the chocolate is a lot to take and they are definitely not capable of selling them. Hence, many people choose to buy it instead as an easy alternative for them. However, for those who are interested in learning to make some homemade chocolates in their own style for sales during special occasion, do not miss to read this whole article. We can guarantee there will certainly be a masterpiece of chocolate truffle recipe to attract your customers.

Today, we will get know about this type of chocolate called Bon Bon also known as Chocolate Truffle.

Bon Bon or Chocolate Truffle comes with a colorful appearance and proportional size. Once we eat it, we can instantly feel the chocolate and the thing stuffed in it melting in our mouth. The good smell of the thing stuffed inside will bring you joy along with the Bon Bon’s flavor. I guess many of you probably want to give it a try at this point. Besides the importance of truffle shell from outside, the filling inside of it, is equally as important as the shell. The original chocolate truffle usually has ganache (delicious ingredients of chocolate and cream) stuffed. At this step, we can modify the flavor, as we like. Hence, this is the fun part. We can change the flavors to orange or coffee flavors, as we want to. We will take a look at deeper insight regarding ganache in our next article.

Simple materials to prepare that you can find at home or your restaurant as follows.

  • Double boiler
  • Stainless or mixed bowl
  • Cake scraper
  • Marble sheet or if you have a marble counter top kitchen you can use that too.
  • Thermometer
  • Color addictive (Preferably oil base type with either powder or spray). Note that, it is very important to use only oil base type because even just one tiny drop can ruin all of your effort that you have made. Alternatively, if you cannot find colors, the easiest way to solve this is to use chocolate with two colors and turn it into dark and white stripe
  • Mold (If you do not wish to buy an expensive one, you can use an ice mold)

Using couverture or real chocolate will give you a quite shiny appearance. On the other hand, you can still use compound chocolate without even tempering it. However, it will give a different result, taste and fillings inside (referred to ganache article)

Tempering Chocolate Method
Tempering chocolate is a technique for preparing the chocolate into use. If it is done right, the final product will turn out shiny and flawless. Once we snap to break apart a piece of the chocolate, there will be a cracking sound. That is crispness that will melt in your mouth when you eat it. The first step starts from boiling water and turn off the double boiler once the water is fully boiled. Then use the bowl with the chocolate in it on the double boiler in order to melt the chocolate. One thing you need to be careful is when you are melting the chocolate; steam must not spout against the chocolate. Moreover, each type of chocolate will be used at a different temperature as seen on the table below.

Chocolate Truffle Recipe – Temperature

Couverture chocolate

Heat to

Cool down to

Reheat to










38 – 40



Cool Down
After the chocolate is heated to its selected temperature, it is time to cool it down on marble sheet. We use this technique similarly to frying rice because it is quite simple. If you cannot picture that, just imagine that you are scraping off a cake left and right to middle and scrape it off repeatedly. Then, you have to check the temperature if it already goes down to the selected one already or not. After that, you can reheat it by counting 1-10 seconds in your mind and hopefully it will be in a good use. Now here is the fun part. It might look a little messy for a beginner but just bear with it.

Smudging melted chocolate on marble board imagine from
Measuring temperature of melted chocolate

Pour out the tempered chocolate into the mold and whirl it around the mold to make sure that the chocolate touched every part of the mold. After that, turn the mold upside down while still floating in the air. Then, softly tap the mold to let the excessive chocolate flow out. Do not forget to find something to place under it. You may use stencil or baking paper. This is due to the chocolate is very expensive and you can still reuse the excessive chocolate later. Once the excessive chocolate flowed out and you get the thickness of its shell as you need it. Now you can just use the cake scraper to scrape off the mold smoothly.

Do not leave any chocolate left in it because it would be hard to mold it out later. Once you are done with this, you can leave it for setting and start preparing for filling. (I will explain more in the next article.)

Once the chocolate has set, it is time to do the filling or putting a thing inside of it. However, be careful not to overdo it as it might spill over the mold. We still have another step to end with the chocolate shell. In this step, if anyone of you are impatient, you can put it in a refrigerator and leave it about 10-15 minutes. Then, you can have a closure with a later step by pouring out the tempered chocolate all over in it. You need to make sure that there is no gap left and then scrape off the excessive chocolate. When the chocolate has set, tap it off the mold. We can notice at this point that if we put on the right temperature for tempering the chocolate, the chocolate will turn out all shiny and easy to be ruined out of its mold.

Coloring or designing is the first step before you pour out the chocolate into the mold. We need to design it in the mold first. You can either spray or color it through drawing depending on your convenience. We will get to a deeper detail in the next article about this.

Now you can create your new menu for a new month or special occasions based on this easy chocolate truffle recipe. Besides that, now you have a way to profit from making the homemade chocolate. You can make your own restaurant’s signature design and taste, which is another way to add value to the product. For those of you who are planning to make this as a souvenir for a special occasion, we can guarantee the receiver will be very impressed.

Moreover, Christmas is just around the corner. It would be a good opportunity for you restaurant to boost sales by designing special Christmas chocolate truffle recipe 👩🏻‍🍳

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