Things Every Restaurant Owner Should Know On Factors Affecting Customers’ Decision

We have conducted a survey on opinions of 100 people of different age, occupation and nationality in order to receive information regarding besides taste of food – what other things they value when it comes to making their decision to dine at a certain restaurant. In the decision-making on running a restaurant business, every restaurant owner acknowledges the importance of taste or flavor that it is a basic fundamental.

Perspective of the restaurant or coffee house owners – location, price, taste and design are a few main things to think of. With this in mind, I came up with a question “Is It Possible that the Restaurant Owners Have Different Values on Restaurant Quality from Their Own Customers?” Here is the result of the 100 people from the survey who have revealed their values on these important factors on choosing a restaurant.

In this survey, we have used the important factors as follows:

  • Nearby location
  • Quickly served food
  • Cleanliness
  • Smell in the restaurant
  • Interior design and atmosphere
  • Soft noise and organized environment inside of the restaurant
  • Service quality
  • Affordable price with reasonable portion of food
  • Variety of menu selection
  • Smoking free zone

On the graph, it is the result of the factors from left (not important) to right (extremely important).

  • Not important (Green)
  • Less important (Blue)
  • Important (Yellow)
  • Very Important (Light Blue)
  • Extremely important (Orange)


Nearby Location


Quickly Served Food




Smell in the Restaurant


Interior Design and Atmosphere


Soft Noise and Organized Environment Inside of the Restaurant


Service Quality


Affordable Price with Reasonable Portion of Food


Variety of Menu Selection


Smoking Free Zone


From the result, we arrange the data accordingly to percentage of accumulated score of the very important factors to the extremely important factors and had them in a descending order.

The Most Important Factors:

  1. Cleanliness
  2. Smell in the restaurant
  3. Service quality
  4. Affordable price with reasonable portion of food
  5. Smoking free zone
  6. Soft noise and organized environment inside of the restaurant
  7. Quickly served food
  8. Interior design and atmosphere
  9. Variety of menu selection
  10. Nearby location

The interesting part of the survey result is the outstanding highest score is ‘Cleanliness’. While other 3 factors that no respondents selected that it was not important are ‘Cleanliness’, ‘Service Quality’ and ‘Quickly Served Food’. These three factors imply that they are 100% important factors but its significance might vary differently. And one thing that surprises me is ‘Nearby Location’ as it was scored to be not important at all. At the same time, ‘Smoking Free Zone’ has the highest and extremely important score, while there are only a few people selected differently.

We can see that the opinions of the customers are quite different from the restaurant owners who usually pay a lot of attention on location of the restaurants. Therefore, this survey result shows that the importance of location and interior design that the owners value have very low impact on the customers’ decision.

To think in a customer perspective, we will see another aspect that nearby coffee houses from workplace or house, even they are good and have amazing interior design – if they do not maintain enough cleanliness or service quality standard and has loud noise inside, we as customers will certainly not visit that place. However, we will choose to walk a little bit farther to find a place that is clean with good smell and has good service quality with music not being played too loud.

But in the perspective of the owners, we all want our restaurants or coffee houses to be easily seen by the public. I recommend you to take these important factors from our survey to analyze with various quality factors that the customers value.

Hopefully, this survey information can give an idea to those who are planning to open a restaurant or the existing restaurant owners to take this for consideration for your further development. This is an example of running a restaurant business by applying restaurant business information. Once you have collected sales information and made summarized report, it will help you see the needs of your customers in clearer image. All of the sales information can use the restaurant system FOURLEAF application to help with sales report or information collection. Besides that, it also helps you save a tremendous amount of time from calculation tasks.

All the best 😎

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