What Are the Differences of POS Printers and Which Type Is Best for You?

The function of the restaurant system or point of sale (POS) is usually compatible with a thermal printer. Many people do not know the differences of POS Printers that are used in restaurants. In this article, we would like to explain the differences of each printer for you.


Dot Matrix Printer
The dot matrix printer uses its small dot to be pressed through its ink on paper. This type of printer was widely popular amongst old POS system. Although, it is still used these days, but it is not as prevalent as it used to be. This is due to it has slow speed of printing while having loud noise at the same time. The dot matrix printer can still function without any problem for business such as a retail store as it usually has natural loud noise. However, it could ruin atmosphere for a restaurant. With this reason, we do not see the printer often in most restaurants these days. Most importantly, this type of printer also requires greater care due to it constantly needs to add or change ink and its print head can easily be worn out from its several moving components in many spots. In the past, it was popular because it could print a receipt as a carbon copy in just one time and the ink does not fade out. However, its popularity has quickly waned.


How dot metrix printer works


Thermal Printer
This type of thermal printer will convey its heat on paper while the paper’s heat has a layer of chemicals coated. Once the paper hit the heat, it will turn black. The thermal printer has the same function as telex. This type of printer is quite popular these days. This is due to its easy care without requiring the needs to add or change ink and quick printing. In the regular use, you only need to change your paper and the printer will automatically function right away. Years ago, back when the restaurant system software was not as developed as it is today, users were afraid that it could not store the copies for accounting work later on. However, the online restaurant system has the ability to store sales information and every order stored in cloud. Hence, it allows the restaurant owners to check and see the list later and access real time sales report. With this reason, the thermal printer is very popular.


How thermal printer works



Wired POS Printer
Traditional connection that is easily found in restaurants is short wired system such as Parallel Port It is quite rare to discover these days except in some old restaurant system. However, usb port is still popular among a shop with a single printer.


Remote wired connection such as Ethernet Port (Widely known as LAN) is used in the restaurant system that needs to print out an order to a remote kitchen. For the past 10 years, there has been many systems using LAN. But using LAN requires a proper management with internal network of the restaurants. As a result, it requires an investment in the network system, which increases the cost of POS system. Moreover, there must be a set up of IP address, which LAN users may need to understand some basic IT system.


Differences of POS Printers connectors From left to right: Parallel Port, Ethernet Port, USB Port


Wireless POS Printer
There are two popular types of sending signals such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Both function differently.
Theoretically, Bluetooth POS printer can reach signal in the distance between 10-100 meters in a clear open space. Normally, the responding signal is adequate for the needs of the restaurants. Another advantage of the Bluetooth POS printer is it can modify the setting and connect its POS system easily, especially with the restaurant system app on iPad.


Wifi POS printer has a different advantage which is, it can function in a very far distance through a crowded or blocking space the way that the Bluetooth POS printer cannot do. Hence, the restaurants with blocking space such as a restaurant with a thick concrete wall can work well with the Wifi but not so much with the Bluetooth. The Wi-Fi POS printer can basically accept the signal as far as the Wifi connection can go. For instance, if your restaurant used a wireless router with standard of 802.11n, it will send the signal up to 250 meters or more than that. However, it will require a setting regarding IP address and technical things, which is quite suitable for people with knowledge of IT.
Bluetooth Wi-Fi logo


Video comparison differences of POS Printers


If you restaurant have more than 10 meters or above Thermal POS Printer with Wi-Fi connection is best for you. But if you looking for easy to use and easy to maintenance you should go for thermal POS Printer with Bluetooth connection It will be more convenience, It’s make POS system become easy and the most important you can install printer just like you connect to your other bluetooth devices. I hope this blog will give you some ideas and understand how differences of POS Printers.
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