The Holy Trinity of Running a Successful Restaurant

Running a restaurant combine various art and science together but a successful one will have a nice balance of these three.




The Science of Taste
This is the most important of the three no matter what kind of restaurant or café. It must taste good. You need to practice very well in taste, consistency and speed before opening your own shop. You may have cooked a good dish before but now you need to make 10 dishes with the same taste and quantity at speed, this needs dedication and practice but it will bring back clients asking for more of your magic. – Read more about Speciality coffee.
The Science of Location 
Location is everything, especially for a restaurant. You need to take into account of the environment of your surroundings. For instance, opening a restaurant on main road near offices or university will get more exposure, traffic and clients than a less exposed one. If clients are coming your way, make sure you have enough parking to accommodate. Even better if your business is right along the MRT or BTS lines, lots of traffic and exposure with more convenience and no need for parking space.
The Science of Management
Good food and great location still won’t guarantee that you will be profitable. You still have ingredients to buy, rent to pay and salaries for your crew. Running a restaurant require good management system will let you keep track of you stock, when to buy, what’s selling well and what’s not, when’s busy and when’s quiet, how many full-timers and part-timers you really need etc,. If you know everything you need to know and manage accordingly you will save more money and visualize how you want your restaurant to be. It is obvious that restaurants that changed to this computerized system never go back to taking orders by pen and paper again ever. Have you used the three sciences as mentioned?
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