Profitable Restaurant Business with Insight Information from a POS

Information analysis is necessary for setting up a profitable restaurant. We would like to give examples of information from the restaurant system and Facebook report. A successful restaurant will use the information in decision-making process such as analyzing the information of sales and marketing together.

Understanding Customer Behavior with Insight Information from the Restaurant System

In order to have the profitable restaurant, there must be an effective management in terms of budget and profits. Therefore, the budget and statistics of sales must be clearly acknowledged for the restaurant to report the sales for further analysis. The easiest way to have the insight sales information would be from the restaurant system. The system will assist the following activities as follows.

  • Daily, Monthly and Annual Sales – It will give a much more precise date for the restaurant to consider when promotion such as discount should be in certain month and time.
  • Salable Items and Percent of Profits on Each Menu – It will let the restaurant know regarding promotion on less salable items but with high possible profits.
  • Average Sales per Head – It will help the restaurant on promotion regarding number of customers such as solo customers or couple customers in order to know average sales of each which one is higher. Once the owner of the restaurant receives the information, it will help decision-making process on marketing much more convenient.

Insight Information from Social Media for Online Marketing

The majority of restaurants these days have their own online marketing platform. They normally provide detail of the restaurants, activities and special promotion through social media such as Facebook and Instagram. However, many restaurants are still lacking of the insight information on their marketing process in order to have efficient result. Hence, the restaurants should have the insight information about customers.

We would like to give an example of survey by Facebook IQ on 3,121 people from European countries such as France, Germany, Italy, Spain and one Middle Eastern country such as Saudi Arabia. The survey was to analyze factors of interaction of mobile phone users affecting beverage consumption. We can conclude as follows.

  • 46% of the participants use smart phone in a restaurant
  • 44% of the participants use smart phone in a bar
  • 3 out of 10 participants use Facebook while drinking in the bar
  • 3 out of 10 participants use Instagram while drinking in the bar and 29% of the mobile phone users from Europe discovered new menu of Café on social media and they were interested to try
  • The majority of male participants engaged in a conversation about beer on Facebook and at live show or bar, while female participants hardly did
  • The female participants engaged in a conversation about beer more at home and during special occasion on Facebook with their friends and family
  • Juice and workout were the 1st topics went together and were most likely mentioned or discussed in France and Germany
  • In Spain, the discussion of topics of juice and workout were equivalent to go together discussed in the bar

From the 2 examples above, it shows that once the restaurant applied the insight information for marketing, it created attractive campaign to target customers and more precise communication in the market. Therefore, the restaurant system is not only the system to check stocks and issue receipts for the customers, but it also helps the restaurants acknowledge information about behavior of the customers such as what kind of music to play in order to boost sales for the restaurant. I wrote a blog regarding things you do not know about music in the restaurant. In the analytical process, you will need to experiment with the music and assess the result with the insight information.

Summary of Main Ideas

  1. Using the restaurant system to provide information about sales and using the information to create efficient promotion for the restaurant.
  2. Finding the social media insight information of your target group of customers
  3. Applying the promotion with marketing tools and information on social media


  1. FOURLEAF POS App on iPad
  2. Facebook IQ
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