Key to Success #1 : Restaurant Management

Any successful restaurant knows well that you need “The Holy Trinity of Restaurant Business” to do so and this blog will focus how to manage a small scale restaurant.

For once, we will not talk about the food itself but we will emphasize purely on management which is extremely crucial in running long term business. Once you opened your restaurant you are required to manage it well. this article all about restaurant management
Daily operation of a typical restaurant
  • Prep the tables, cleaning
  • Check ingredients, seasoning and everything involved cooking
  • Order ingredients and drinks from suppliers
  • Prepare ingredients to be ready to use
  • Cooking
  • Making drinks
  • Waiting and other services
  • Clear and clean the table
  • Issue receipt
  • Clean the kitchen
  • Check your stock
  • Sales report
  • Clean the whole restaurant
  • Turn off gasses, lights, water
Get to know work load of each task You can see that there are lots of works to do and we are only talking about a small restaurant with no branches here. If your business expands, the management will be increasingly complicated as well. If you’re a newbie, ask yourself if you can handle all this by yourself. Running restaurant is hard work so there will be 1-10 people working for you. There will be chef, sous chef, bartender, dishwashers, cashier and manager, you need to know what you’re good at and hire people to help with other tasks.
You are CEO of your business In restaurant management your job is to explain and direct tasks of each subordinate clearly and precisely. Make it clear for each one of their responsibility. There could be problems if you assign one person to a few tasks. If you assign someone from the kitchen to also clearing tables or cleaning then you will likely have hygienic problem.
Chef is the heart of a good restaurant. Needs to make good food and be a team player. Must be hygienic and safety conscious. Clearly assign who will do starter, main and dessert based on each one’s ability and you will run a smooth kitchen with consistency in taste as well.
Waiter must be of service mind and provide good communication between customers and the kitchen. Well spoken and should be computer/POS literate. Finding the right man means fewer mistakes in food orders.
Dishwasher An indispensable position. All chefs started out by doing dishes first. Every details count. If you think cleaning dishes is just that then you’re in for a bad surprise. Imagine you just opened a cafe that is selling so well that you are running out of clean cups and find yourself pouring coffee in to a wet cup, ruining your coffee instantly.
Cleaner is the face of your restaurant. Make sure everything is cleaned is not hard but very detailed. Write down the things you need one to do in order so that even a part-timer can do it too. You also need to train them constantly or they will underperform.
Manager doesn’t always have to be the same person as the cashier. A manager must manage the team in your place and helps you with managerial tasks, runs the show, prepping special events, must be of service mind, friendly and compromising. The manager will prepare daily sales report for you. Luckily, in this day and age, you can be chef, owner and manager all at the same time, thanks to modern restaurant management applications.
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