Ways to Discover New Restaurant Ideas from Traveling

Constantly working in long periods of time can make you become too obsessed with your own business without realizing to develop new ideas for your restaurant. To discover the new ideas for your restaurant is not a difficult thing to do. We recommend you that finding new inspirations for your business is an ideal start. Hence, we have simple ways to introduce to you on how to simply find new inspirations.

Take a Break from Work & Start Traveling

Traveling will help you feeling relaxed and getting some time to spend with your family
 After hard work you have done. In general, our human brain can feel as if it was blocked from gaining any new ideas or information after being used from repeating hard work for a long time. Do you know that good ideas do not normally pop up while you are working? If you observe the surroundings of your workplace or restaurant whenever you have a meeting, most of the things happened during the meeting are likely to be about finding problems or raising questions regarding solving the problems. Usually, during the meeting, we may be able to conclude ways to solve a certain problem, however, in reality, it is much more detailed.


With this reason, we tend to have new ideas popped up in our head outside of the meeting. It can happen everywhere whether when you are driving to work in the morning, having lunch in the afternoon or sipping a cup of nice coffee during short break. Basically, if you step out just a little from the distance from your restaurant or workplace, it could free your brain from overworking. Hence, this is a good way to discover new ideas for your restaurant as we recommended earlier. This way, it will relax your mind and give your some time with family as well. Never forget that work motivation and good inspiration are our family and people who you love.



Escape Your Current Society to Experience the Difference
Traveling is not just about taking a rest and checking in some random hotel, but it is also about introducing yourself to a new society. For instance, you will get to meet plenty of foreigners or new people whose work are various and different from you. However, if you live in a small town surrounded by nature or farm, you should definitely come out of your comfort zone by getting yourself to experience a metropolitan city. In this case, you will get to feel the difference of society between town and city.


On the other hand, if you are already running a restaurant business in a major city, you should give yourself a little treat to experience nature such as doing some activities in a jungle or at the sea peacefully. All of these experiences can absolutely give you various ideas for you to develop your restaurant whether in the major city or in the small town. Basically, everybody who lives in either city or town will love to experience something different from what they already have.



Try New Food Along with New Experience to Come
Besides taking a break and meeting new people while traveling, another perk of traveling that we believe would be beneficial for discovering the new ideas is trying local food. This is a very effective way to inspire you and get you creative. Trying food that you never try before can give you a new experience with different tastes of food. For instance, you might not remember what the taste of soymilk with white sugar sponge cake is like or the reason behind of why Southern people have rice noodles for their breakfast. If you had an opportunity to travel abroad, never refuse to try their local food whether it is breakfast or just a drink.



Get Yourself Lost in Nature and Surroundings
Inspiration is all around you more than you can imagine or feel. Sometimes, the inspiration happens in a form of emotion and feeling. For instance, if you take a walk in a jungle, besides the things you see, you will also get to acknowledge the smell of soil, trees, leaves flowers along with the sound of birds and tide. In another case, if you are in the sea, there are more things to see than just the sea itself and wave. The sea can give you the feeling of airy environment along with the shiny sun and a cool breeze to feel all over your body.


These are the touches that need to be noticed. You may not see it with your naked eyes but you can strongly feel it at the same time. Similarly, in a restaurant environment, it is important for customers to feel the same feeling and touch when they are there.



Take Pictures and Write Down Your Memory

To have new restaurant ideas you should start collecting your pictures and keeping journals, which you can write down your feelings and various details regarding your experiences. You will never know if someday one of those experiences might turn into a concept of your new restaurant or a huge inspiration for designing new menu. Therefore, collecting all of the interesting pictures is quite recommended. You can also categorize them into your preferred category names. In case, one day you might need to use them. It will be worth it. Do not forget that inspiration taken from your own experience is much better than the one you search on the Internet, as when it comes to creating new menu or designing your restaurant.

Once you have an idea and inspiration, applying these things to your business strategy can also help boosting your sales from either constantly creating new menu or improving your food.

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