6 Types of Businesses that Are Suitable for a Portable Wireless Printer

If you own a small restaurant or shop that is always on the move or has a limited space, a portable wireless printer will definitely ease your difficulty due to its small size with wireless function that helps you manage your business easily.

A restaurant that needs a wireless thermal printer to print a receipt but not quite convenient to use a big thermal printer due to limited space, hence, Businesses that Are Suitable for a Portable Wireless Printer is definitely the answer to these problems.

In order to understand more, the majority of the portable and wireless thermal printers are usually connected via Bluetooth. We would like to recommend StarMicronis SM-L200 It is the portable and wireless thermal printer without requiring using ink or adding it either. A receipt can be printed out on paper with the size of 58mm by connecting toBluetooth 4.0 also known as Bluetooth Low Energy.

The main feature of Bluetooth 4.0 or Bluetooth Low Energy is its energy saving that allows the printer to work a longer period of time than other printers. This printer can stand by with more than 13 hours. However, when it needs to print something, each time the printing activity uses low energy and does not need to pair with a device as it can connect immediately while being on in its working mode. With this reason, printing paper from devices such as iPad POS App or “New Gen POS” is quite convenient.

Portable wireless printer onnecting Via Bluetooth with a Distance of 100 Meters

Theoretically, connecting with a device wirelessly by Bluetooth has the farthest distance of 100 meters in a clear open area. When it comes to reality, anything that stands in the way or disruptive signal in a restaurant will make the device work at the distance of 10 meters only. However, it is adequate for the regular need of every restaurant to print out a receipt. Using this type of printer with an app of the restaurant system in mobile mode can also help small and on-the-move restaurants such as food truck, booth and small coffee counter, have regular system of online stock and sales report, which reduces burden for the business management very well.

We have examples of each type of business that are suitable for this printer as follows.

A Small Area of Coffee Counter
The small area of coffee counter has a limited space due to it needs a coffee machine and equipment on the counter. Besides that, most of the coffee counters are located in a crowded area such as railway station or capital city, which has a very limited space to work on. Therefore, using the restaurant system with iPad and connecting it to portable wireless printer helps saving the space due to this type of business only requires record of signing in to the system and issuing a receipt for the customers.

A Restaurant with Issuing-a-Check-at-a-Dining -Table Procedure
Some types of restaurants let the customers order their food and drinks first and once the customers call for a check, the staff will walk up to the table and use the portable printer connecting to iPad with POS system to calculate the order, sum up the balance and print out the receipt right away without going to a cashier counter. With this reason, portable wireless printer helps the restaurant operation in running faster.

A Temporary or Pop-Up Restaurant
The type of restaurant that needs to set up their materials and keeps them once they finish such as the pop-up restaurant – they do not install electric line due to it is a temporary business. However, the operation requires a fast pace environment on taking an order and taking the order to the spot of applying the order right away instead of having the staff to inform the order in the kitchen, which can result in tardiness and an unnecessary large number of employees. Therefore, the portable thermal printer is compatible with the restaurant system on iPad that helps taking the orders wirelessly and easy to carry it around.

A Delivery Business
Any types of businesses that operate delivery system or cash on delivery such as selling boxes of food as an example – a delivery man can carry the portable printer connecting to the restaurant system on iPad along with riding his motorbike in order to calculate its balance and print out a receipt to the customer. The system will automatically calculate its stock. The utility of the portable and wireless thermal printer is completely useful for this.

A Business with a Queue Process
A car wash business is an example of this type of business where a customer leaves their car to be washed and the staff will provide service along with offering all kinds of package deals. Its expense can be summed up on iPad for the customer to check and have their queue number in order to pick up their car later. The detail and information are recorded without keying any data in the POS system.

A Regular Restaurant
Even regular restaurants can use this type of system too. This is due to the benefits of the printers that are portable and its restaurant system on iPad does not require any electric line. This is due to both the iPad and printer have their own batteries that can stand by and work a long period of time. The printer is also useful for preventing certain restaurants with a power cut problem such as restaurants located on an island or near the sea that are stormy and rainy regularly. With the battery system, it will still let the restaurant run its operation without concerning the electric problem.

Summary of Main Ideas

  1. It is suitable for a business with a limited space.
  2. It solves a restaurant’s problem with electricity.
  3. The portable printer is quite convenient for the type of restaurant that needs to move all the time.
  4. It is wireless and compatible with the restaurant system app very well.

Lastly, if you are deciding on using the portable wireless printer for your business, it is compatible with FOURLEAF Application, as it will run your task smoothly. We design the app that supports compatibility with several generations of wireless devices such as StarMicronis SM-L200 Feel free to contact us, if you are interested to know more information regarding the cashier system app.

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