Effective Ways to Promote Your Restaurant for Free and Increase Customers

Many restaurant owners have used several types of promotion to attract more customers such as search engine or social media. However, these types of promotion require a certain amount of expense on advertisement. Therefore, in this article, I would like to share the best way to promote your restaurant for free to increase a number of customers without spending a dime.

In 2018, the large corporations that are currently dominating the advertising industry are Facebook and Google – both companies have adjusted their algorithms for displaying their advertisements. The adjustment has affected small medium restaurant businesses due to its unimpressive sales as an outcome. With this reason, these restaurants run out of budget to promote their business. Without any promotion, there will not be any more customers. But I have a suitable solution for small restaurants and it is quite effective. The solution is to create a standard of service quality in order for customers to spread the news.


Word of Mouth Is Still the Most Effective Promotion for Your Restaurant

Word of mouth can reach people easily and quickly. However, in order to have people to be reached by the word of mouth, impression and satisfaction are important keys that needed for the customers who are treated by our service or using regular promotion in the restaurant. We have classified 3 types of word of mouths as follows.


Actual Word of Mouth
This is the most traditional word of mouth considering the current generation we are living in. However, it is still the most effective and efficient way due to it allows a face-to-face conversation among friends who have similar interests. For example, a person who loves drinking coffee found the best coffee house, this person will immediately tell another person who also loves coffee.


Word of Mouth on Social Media
Once a customer spreads the news on social media, from one person, it will notify a large number of people. For instance, one customer of yours has 500 friends on Facebook and he is impressed of your service, taste and cleanliness of the restaurant, hence, he shares the story about your restaurant, it will rapidly reach his 500 friends. However, sharing the story on social network does not guarantee that the message can reach to a target group due to out of 500 people, there could be at least 300 of them who live in different cities.


Customers’ Reviews
My definition of word of mouth also includes reviews or feedback from customers. Sometimes, the customers do not actually share the restaurant’s detail to their friends. However, there is a large group of people who prefer to write a review on the Internet. If your restaurant received positive reviews on social network or other restaurant review platforms, it will create a difference of word of mouth from other categories. For instance, a new restaurant with the positive reviews, it is likely to have higher credibility from the customers.


  • Actual Word of Mouth: High possibility to attract more customers
  • Word of Mouth on Social Media: It reaches a larger audience with low precision on your target group
  • Customers’ Reviews: It helps creating solid credibility for your restaurant once it is discovered by new group of customers
In the early stage of operating a small restaurant business – service, cleanliness and food taste are something to be highly paid for attention. They are factors creating satisfaction for the customers in order to have for them to feel the needs to spread their words about it. It is a way to attract more customers to your restaurant without costing you a dime on advertisement. You can read a story of “Things Every Restaurant Owner Should Know about Factors Affecting Customer’s Decision” and “Tips for Promoting Your Restaurant from Sales Report” in order to bring out the most important thing that your customer values for further development on your restaurant.


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